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Самый дорогой в мире шоколад

Самый дорогой в мире шоколад называется 'Chocopologie by Knipschildt'.

Производится он в США фирмой 'Knipschildt Chocolatier'. Естественно, это темный шоколад. Естественно, он не предназначен для длительного хранения: ведь для того, чтобы кондитерские изделия дольше не портились, приходится использовать более дешевые ингредиенты, что недопустимо в
'шоколадостроении от кутюр'.
За фунт (453 грамма) 'Chocopologie by Knipschildt' придется заплатить 2600 долларов.
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has said that those responsible for the "absolutely shocking" shooting down of the Malysia Airlines jet over Ukraine "must be held to account".Speaking http://www.inflowcontrol.com/logos/index.asp - Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses after a meeting of the government's emergency Cobra committee, the prime minister also insisted it was too early to know for certain exactly who was to blame for the attack that has killed almost 300 passengers."It is an absolutely shocking incident. It cannot be allowed to stand," he said. "If, as seems possible, this was brought down, then those responsible must be held to account and we must lose no time in doing that."Cameron said information was "coming in all the time" and that, until more was known about the incident, it was not possible for him to give a more definitive response.He also appealed to the Russian and Ukrainian governments to "do all they can so that we get to the bottom of what happened in this absolutely dreadful loss of life".The prime minister is planning to discuss the crisis with other international leaders 鈥?including possibly Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin 鈥?and he has rescheduled a cabinet meeting that was due to take place at Chequers so that it will be held in London instead.At the Cobra meeting http://www.inflowcontrol.com/logos/kateSpadeWallet.html - Kate Spade Shoes on Friday morning, Cameron, senior ministers and intelligence officials considered the latest evidence about what is known about the cause of the crash, as well as receiving an update about the Britons involved.A cross-Whitehall meeting on Thursday night concluded that there were a range of possible explanations for the downing of the Malaysian jet and that it was impossible to be "100% sure" at that point exactly what had happened, according to a Downing Street spokeswoman.She said: "This is a very serious incident if indeed the plane was brought down by a missile and we will not rush to conclusions."The priority is to make sure that we get independent international investigators to the site in time for them to be able to assess what happened."Malaysia Airlines has said that nine Britons were on board flight MH17 but, according to Downing Street, this could be a "slightly changing picture" because there were some http://www.inflowcontrol.com/logos/beatsByDreWireless.html - Beats By Dre Wireless passengers on the flight whose nationalities were not yet known.Britain was instrumental in pushing for a meeting of the United Nations security council to discuss the crisis. Cameron has also been at the forefront among EU leaders in pushing for tougher sanctions on Russia because of its continuing reluctance to defuse the situation in Ukraine, but the attack on flight MH17 takes the crisis to a new dimension.At the Cobra meeting, ministers will also discuss support for the families of the Britons killed when the plane crashed, and what efforts will be made to recover and repatriate their bodies.One victim has been named as Glenn Thomas, 49, a media officer http://www.inflowcontrol.com/logos/fitflopSale.html - Fitflop Sale at the in Geneva. He was one of up to 100 people on the flight on their way to an international Aids conference in Melbourne, Australia. Paying tribute to Thomas, WHO spokeswoman Fadela Chaib said: "I can confirm he was on the flight travelling to Australia to attend the Aids conference in Australia. "For the time being we would like to give his family time to grieve. We have lost a wonderful person and a great professional. Our hearts are broken. We are all in shock." Thomas, a former BBC journalist, was reportedly from Blackpool and had recently celebrated his birthday. It has also been reported that two Newcastle United fans travelling to see their team play in New Zealand are feared to be among the victims.The fans' website reported that John Alder and Liam Sweeney were on board flight MH17.Alder, believed to be in his 60s, and Sweeney, 28, were flying to New Zealand to watch their team play in a pre-season tour.A tribute on the website said: "Both were well known to away followers, particularly John, whose usual match day attire led to the affectionate nickname of 'the Undertaker'. There has been no official confirmation of the names of any of the nine British passengers on board the Boeing 777.

has no doubt that has the biggest new show of the fall with the launch of Thursday Night Football franchise.
Moonves took http://www.inflowcontrol.com/logos/index.asp - Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet part in a Television Critics Assn. press tour session on Thursday to tubthump the eight games coming to CBS Thursday lineup starting in September. CBS demonstrated the importance of the Thursday launch to the NFL by also having league commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft on the panel alongside CBS Sports chief Sean McManus.
This is a sure thing, Moonves told reporters in touting the benefits of the package to CBS primetime fortunes. Goodell emphasized that seeding an appetite for Thursday primetime games has been a priority for the past eight years on the NFL Network cabler. The one-year deal with CBS is a chance to build on the NFL s commitment to broadcast TV. He called Thursday a bookend to the NFL s weekend games.
There is a tremendous demand for more football on Thursday night, he said.
CBS is in the unusual position of having this first year be something of an audition before the league commits to a long-term Thursday rights package. It is our job to http://www.inflowcontrol.com/logos/kateSpadeWallet.html - Kate Spade Shoes show the NFL how great it s going to be, Moonves said. We re confident at the end of the year they re going to feel like CBS did a tremendous job.
Moonves said CBS would be open to the idea of expanding beyond eight games in the future. If the NFL would like to go longer we d certainly be interested in talking to them, he said.
McManus enthused about the production plans for the Thursday broadcasts, which will be driven by super high-definition 4K cameras, including one with a special position dangling over the goal line. One player per game will be outfitted with a microphone for in-the-moment coverage (albeit with a delay to guard against profanities). CBS will use its A-team NFL talent, Phil Simms and Jim Nantz, on the games, which are co-produced with the NFL Network.
Moonves promised that CBS talent would http://www.inflowcontrol.com/logos/beatsByDreWireless.html - Beats By Dre Wireless be enlisted to promote the Thursday package, and NFL storyline will be woven into some of the Eye s scripted series.
Goodell and Kraft were peppered with questions about the safety of the game, given the recent focus on debilitating head injuries suffered by current and former players. And the entire panel dodged the touchy issue of the name of the Washington Redskins team and whether it should be banned from on-air use. There s been a groundswell of protest about the name and its derogatory connotation for Native Americans.
We don t tell our announcers what to say on any topic, McManus said.
Goodell was also http://www.inflowcontrol.com/logos/fitflopSale.html - Fitflop Discount noncommittal on the question of when Los Angeles might get another franchise after a nearly 20-year drought. Kraft, who chairs the NFL s broadcast rights committee, was more forthcoming: The ownership collectively is very concerned that we don t have at least one team in L.A.
Kraft was even open to the suggestion of a franchise in London, based on the reaction his team received when playing exhibition games in Blighty. We should work hard on trying to have a franchise in London before the decade is out, he said.
After the panel, Moonves was pressed for his reaction to the news that Rupert Murdoch s 21st Century Fox is pursuing a takeover of Time Warner. He grinned and stuck to no comment other than to observe: Nobody ever competes well against Rupert.
There s no doubt that CBS is in the market for acquisitions, though maybe not on the scale of swallowing Time Warner. But the Eye already has a good deal of cash on its books and will be even more flush by next year when the divestiture of its outdoor advertising assets is complete. For Moonves, it s an easy equation: We sold billboards to buy more content.









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